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Wales to launch
Hospital Gift Card

Jon Trigwell, Head of Partnership Funding at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has confirmed...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
shows interest

Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card...

Prince of Wales sends his best wishes

Prince Charles has been informed about the Hospital Gift Card scheme...


Patientline "We are delighted to be working with Gifting Solutions on this scheme and we are 100% committed to making this a success."

Jerome Muscat - Product and Marketing Director

Barracuda Design
and Marketing

Barracuda Design and Marketing "This is one of the most exciting projects Barracuda has had the privilege of working on. Like all the best ideas, the concept of gift is simplicity itself. It's enormous potential to make significant improvements to the NHS is something we believe both consumers and commerce will support 100%."

Brian Stock - Creative Director


Gemplus "The enormity of such a project as well as the sheer importance of what you are trying to deliver is something that companies, institutions and individuals alike can simply not ignore. This project is truly unique and ultimately will benefit every single one of us."

Nick Tate - Operations Director
Marcio Stervid - Acting Sales Director

Thamescard technology

Gemplus "We are under no illusion that this project will revolutionise the way that a loyalty product is seen in the market place, and we are extremely excited to be partnering with you on this important contract over the ensuring weeks, months and years.

I am very excited to be working with you on this project, and I would like to give you my personal assurance that TCT will offer you all the advice and assistance you need to make this a complete success. It is in everyones interest that we do."

Paul Underwood - Managing Director

Tenon Corporate Finance

Tenon Corporate Finance "Tenon Corporate Finance has been delighted to help Adam Gregory and the Gift team with their business planning. We have reviewed and challenged the integrity of the model, and found it to be a strong and viable proposition. We look forward to working with Gift in helping them deliver strong results for the benefit of the NHS Trusts."

Simon Davies - Director of Tenon Corporate Finance

Khan and Morris Accountants

Khan and Morris Accountants "We are very pleased to be working closely alongside the Gifting Solutions team, as we, like them can see the importance of such a project and the benefit it will provide to our National Health Service. The Hospital Gift Card is such a simple idea, but will prove invaluable to all of us."

Ray Khan - Partner