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Wales to launch
Hospital Gift Card

Jon Trigwell, Head of Partnership Funding at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has confirmed...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
shows interest

Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card...

Prince of Wales sends his best wishes

Prince Charles has been informed about the Hospital Gift Card scheme...
  Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we want to be involved?

Positive public profile, increased revenue to the business, maintains and improves your market share and supports your local hospital.

What is the projected market?

16 million customers per annum will gain access to the cards.

How much are we expected to donate?

This will be agreed with each company but as a guide we suggest 1% Gross, 0.7% Net.

Are there any tax benefits?

Yes, approx 30% of the donation can be reclaimed because it is a charitable donation, thereby reducing your donation cost down to 0.7% net.

What do Gifting Solutions anticipate to be the take up?

Even if only half of one percent of card holders use their Hospital Gift Card regularly each week at participating stores, this will generate 80,000 new customers for you. Normally a loyalty card will generate on average a 5% increase, that’s 800,000 customers per week. We believe we have the ultimate Loyalty Card.

What about “dead-weight”?

Even if you assume 50% of people who use the card are existing customers, the cost to you is still only 0.7% and the profit from the new customer base will more than compensate. Furthermore, while holding onto existing customers who may otherwise switch to a rival company, you will also be attracting many new people who want to support their local hospital.

What is the administration cost to our company?

A fee will be agreed on an individual basis between your company and Gifting Solutions to reflect your corporate membership level and the individual administration requirements relating to your company.

So what exactly do we pay for and what do we get?

You only pay the agreed administration cost.

Gifting Solutions is responsible for:
  • Providing you with your own branded Hospital Gift Cards.
  • Marketing merchandise and promotional packs for every outlet. They include Hospital Gift boxes with cards for free distribution, posters and billboards etc.
  • Exposure on the free Hospital Gift Channel in every hospital with the Patientline communications system – a captive audience of 52,500 viewers per day.
  • Web site advertising and links.

Will there be exclusivity within your field of business?

There will be a level of exclusivity wherever possible and this will be negotiated on an individual company basis.

What is required to implement the scheme?

A set bar code relating to every NHS Hospital Trust will be entered into each company’s system. Companies will provide Gifting Solutions with a monthly summary of all transactions involving the Hospital Gift Card plus the combined donations. Gifting Solutions is responsible for delivering the funds to the relevant hospitals.

How will our company gain recognition for its donations?

Gifting Solutions will promote and advertise success stories which will fully acknowledge the support of every individual company. All separate marketing or promotion will need to be agreed through Gifting Solutions prior to use/publication.

How will Gifting Solutions promote the Hospital Gift Card?

On our own dedicated free TV Gift channel in every Hospital with the Patientline bedside TV and communications network. Promotional literature will be prominent in every NHS hospital.

A major and comprehensive advertising campaign to ensure that everyone knows where they can use their Hospital Gift Card, who are the participating companies and how easy it is to use the Card in stores.

Our dedicated web site, via direct links to the participating companies web sites. Pre-agreed promotional activity with participating stores.

Access to the general public via Doctors surgeries where Hospital Gift Cards will be made available. All NHS staff, patients and the general public, in fact everyone who comes in contact with any NHS Hospital Trust throughout the UK.

What’s the bottom line for companies involved?

You will see your profits and corporate image in the community soar sky high.

Companies retain approx 99.3% of the revenue generated, with an agreed cost.

With 16 million cards in circulation, if only half of one per cent are used weekly in your stores, that’s 80,000 customers a week, 4,160,000 a year! Multiply that figure by your customers average spend and the money generated is phenomenal.

When will it be launched?

It will be Launched in Wales in early 2008.