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Wales to launch
Hospital Gift Card

Jon Trigwell, Head of Partnership Funding at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has confirmed...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
shows interest

Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card...

Prince of Wales sends his best wishes

Prince Charles has been informed about the Hospital Gift Card scheme...
  The Benefits


  • Promotes a positive image of your business to consumers and the community
  • Realistic increase in business revenue
  • Level of exclusivity
  • Low annual cost in relation to return
  • ‘Hospital Gift Card’ has minimal administration through use of existing platforms
  • Tax benefits for your business on donation
  • On-going captive audience
  • Will create noise

NHS Hospitals and patients

  • Potential to raise millions of pounds for patient care
  • The decision on how the money is spent lies with the Hospital Trust
  • Patients will benefit directly from funds raised
  • Help patients in hospital to communicate with the outside world through ‘Patientline’
  • ‘Hospital Gift Card’ has minimal outlay and administration costs as systems are already in place